The Frameworks and UST take home the trophy for the B2B Content Campaign of the Year at the UK Content Awards

We are The Frameworks, a specialist B2B marketing and branding agency.

As B2B specialists, we thrive on complex challenges, relishing the prospect of creating authentic connections between brands and their audiences even in sectors requiring nuanced specialist knowledge. In doing so, we help our clients across the globe to solve some of their most important business and communication challenges.

We’re really proud to have won the B2B Content Campaign of the Year category for our work with UST, a global consultancy specialising in digital transformation.

For more than 22 years UST has worked to transform the world’s leading companies across sectors including financial services, consumer goods and retail. But, apart from its impressive roster of happy clients, no one was paying any attention.

Before working with us, UST underwent a rebrand, changing its name from “UST Global” to simply “UST”, creating a new visual identity and defining a new brand message: Together we build for boundless impact. The new brand matched its status as a global player, but it wasn’t enough alone. It needed a brand campaign to bring it to life – and that’s where we came in.

Our brief was to design a campaign that would differentiate UST among the sea of consultancies, drive a measurable increase in brand awareness and boost website traffic. Creating new content to tell this story was key to connecting with the target audience. Until now, UST had relied on traditionally formatted content posted on

In our interviews with stakeholders and key customers, one thing became clear: the sense among UST’s clients that it was a “best-kept secret”. And, until you experienced a UST partnership, it was difficult to quantify just why UST represented a different model for a tech consultancy. This insight would underpin all our thinking: UST is a brand that’s felt.

Drawing on the new brand message, we created a campaign called Boundless. The campaign would focus on the immense sense of possibility clients feel when they work with UST and explore the impact of its work on the people and communities it touches.

We developed two core content strands to underpin our strategy – Boundless Stories and Boundless Thinkers.

Boundless Stories is a fresh take on the traditional business case study, using human perspectives to demonstrate the ripple effect of UST’s partnerships on people and communities. These are interactive, empathetic demonstrations of UST’s impact.

Boundless Thinkers gives visionaries within and around the UST business a platform to tackle today’s big questions and interrogate the challenges of the future. These are personal perspectives relevant to target audiences and the wider industry, rather than run-of-the-mill blog posts.

When most people hear the word “technology”, it conjures images of laptops or mobiles, streams of digits or imposing data centres. Not enough people think simply of… people. That’s at the heart of what we’ve set out to do with UST: paint a picture of a different kind of tech consultancy, one driven by empathy and human impact.

Three members of our studio team who have all worked closely on the Boundless campaign have shared what winning means to them.

Daisy Lockheart, Account Director. “It’s fantastic to receive this recognition from the content awards for the engaging work we’ve worked closely with UST to deliver over the past two years. Producing genuinely exciting content for any B2B consultancy can be a challenge but we were lucky to partner with a client who encouraged us to push the boundaries, ditch the gung-ho consultancy spiel and get to the bottom of what makes UST truly different.”

Louise Sheeran, Content Director. “The Boundless campaign has given us so many opportunities to meet the people behind UST’s achievements, to explore their stories, motivations and opinions, and bring it all to life in a unique way. I’m proud of the work we’ve done so far and pleased to have it recognised by the UK Content Awards.”

Charlotte Irwin, Copywriter and Editor. “We know our work with UST is strong; we’ve seen the results. But to have the recognition from the Content Awards judges that we’re making award-worthy campaigns is the cherry on the cake. Working closely with UST to deliver Boundless, communicate the human essence of the business and continually push the boundaries of what a consultancy looks and sounds like has been a highly rewarding creative experience. It’s amazing to have won the B2B category for what we’ve achieved so far.”

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