The Think Tank takes Silver at the UK Content Awards

The Think Tank is a B2B marketing and PR agency with 30 years of experience working with a diverse client base on all kinds of creative projects. Bringing content to life and finding effective ways to communicate is at the heart of everything we do, so we’re delighted to have been recognised by the UK Content Awards for our work with the British Standards Institution. 

Promoting standards with BSI

As a test and learn campaign seeking to establish a better understanding of SMEs and their relationship with standards, the Promoting Standards campaign investigated audience engagement and interest in standards. 

Through testing copy, visuals, and messaging, as well as presenting a suite of comprehensive free-to-download content to explain the benefits of standards, we were able to identify behavioural trends and effective styles of communication that would be most engaging for the audience, informing future BSI marketing.

Implementing these changes made a real difference to existing and potential customer engagement with BSI’s content, producing some great results:

  • 5,000 pages viewed 
  • 17.6 conversion rate

A fantastic achievement  

Generating leads, driving traffic and growing our clients’ businesses is our passion. To be awarded Silver in the Advertising Campaign of the Year category at the UK Content Awards is an encouraging recognition of the unwavering dedication and enthusiasm of The Think Tank team.    

A celebration of ‘innovative, exceptional content that attracts, informs, engages and retains audience’, The UK Content Awards know what makes brilliant marketing. We are incredibly proud that this year’s judges felt our campaign with BSI met these criteria and were compelled to recognise its results as exemplary. 

As The Think Tank marks its 30th anniversary, the award from the UK Content Awards is especially meaningful; it represents our continued commitment to creating captivating campaigns that exceed expectations. 

“We’re so pleased to have won the Silver Award for Advertising Campaign of the Year at this year’s UK Content Awards,” says Managing Director of The Think Tank, Liam Bateman. “This was a unique and complex campaign that required a lot of planning and optimising, so it really kept us on our toes. We’ve found it hugely rewarding to work on and look forward to the next challenge BSI throws at us.”

“It’s a fantastic accolade and a great achievement for The Think Tank – congratulations to our team and clients at BSI.”

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