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Cineworld Cinemas has been shortlisted for the UK Content Awards

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Published Date 12.07.2023

We are delighted to announce that Cineworld has been shortlisted for two awards at the UK Content Awards.

These are “Influencer/Celebrity Campaign of the Year” for our TikTok Creator Day campaign, and Rising Star in Content award for Cineworld’s Senior Social Content Executive Olivia Ter-Berg.

What was the Cineworld 4DX TikTok creator campaign?

At the start of 2022, we at Cineworld devised a plan to launch our TikTok channel in a way that would literally shake up the cinema industry.

Enter 4DX, Cineworld’s immersive, multi-sensory experience with moving seats and effects including water, wind, fog, lightning, bubbles and snow.

We knew that 4DX would be compatible with TikTok audiences. The challenge? We wanted to encourage audience members to share their 4DX experience on TikTok. Scroll down to find out more.

We approached TikTok directly and collaborated on creating an ident, encouraging audiences to film their experience and share their video on TikTok. The on-screen ident featured TikTok creator @simply_sayo and encouraged audiences to take out their phones, “audition” their reactions to different scenes as they’re thrown around in their seats, and share their video with the hashtag #Experience4DX.

4DX and TikTok are both disruptors in their fields so this campaign needed to be disruptive to get their attention. And what could be more disruptive than asking cinema-goers to take OUT their phones in the cinema? That said, this on-screen spot also doubled up as a PSA advert, inviting audiences to “put away your phones and enjoy how it’s done on the big screen” once they’ve captured their content.

To launch the ident – and to get out the first batch of TikToks filmed in 4DX – we decided to host an exclusive event in 4DX and fill the room with TikTok creators. Working with an influencer agency, we gathered 100 TikTok creators to #Experience4DX in a big way.

During the day, creators were invited to watch the ident alongside 4DX trailers for upcoming movies. They were given unique gifts and had free rein of the concessions counter to make sure their videos really popped and they had plenty to shout about in their content.

And to top it all off, they got to attend the Top Gun: Maverick premiere at Cineworld Leicester Square on the evening of the same day. They walked the red carpet alongside Tom Cruise and members of the Royal Family before experiencing the Top Gun sequel in 4DX before its release.

The campaign was made live on all cinema screens before each 4DX showing for a three-month period, in addition to being promoted online, in cinema foyers, and via PR. You can watch the video below.

What were the results of the 4DX TikTok creator day campaign?

The campaign made cinema “trendy” again, engaging directly with a younger demographic that is notoriously difficult to reach. The opening weeks of Top Gun: Maverick and Jurassic World Dominion virtually sold out across all 35 4DX locations, giving Cineworld a dominant market share on both titles. In fact, 4DX showings of Top Gun: Maverick between May and August 2022 had 96% higher occupancy than the average 4DX title.

Since launching the TikTok account with this campaign, Cineworld has acquired over 240k followers and 4.5 million likes, and the content posted on our account has generated over 45 million organic views, positioning them as having one of the fastest growing brands on the platform – something that our competitors have been unable to crack.

As a direct result of this campaign, the #Experience4DX hashtag has generated over 50 million organic views in addition to 40 million organic views received from one TikTok alone by Creator Day attendee Joe Baggs of Gogglebox fame. The hashtag wasn’t used on this TikTok, meaning the campaign created over 90 million views in total.

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