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With You and Roll Nine Shortlisted for UK Content Award for their Wigan and Leigh Drug & Alcohol Service Video

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Published Date 04.07.2023

“I’m not me again, because I don’t ever want to be who I was. I’ve just been able to find who I want to be. And that’s it.” 

At the core of what we do are real people and real stories. The clients featured in our video are testament to this, and everything we stand for here at With You, supported by the excellent video production team at Roll Nine. That’s why we’re so proud it’s been nominated for a UK Content Award for the Public Sector Campaign of the Year. Our team is dedicated to empowering people to overcome drug, alcohol and mental health challenges and reclaim their lives. A big part of that is working to end the stigma associated with their struggles, which is why we wanted to showcase our service users’ lived experiences, unashamedly and unapologetically. This video was a chance for them to show how With You has helped them to rewrite their stories and, like Alison says in the closing shots, find who they want to be. 

‘What is it you want?’ they say. ‘What can we do to help you?’ And so every step of the way they’re with you.”

Our charity is built on the real stories of individuals, and their voices are the driving force behind our work. Our name reflects who we are – it lets people know that when they come to us, they’ll be met with warmth, compassion and respect. We work in equal partnership with the people we support, offering a person-centred, tailored approach where we work with individuals to their own goals, in a way that’s right for them. Everyone has a unique recovery path. This ranges from staying safe and healthy, making small changes, to stopping a harmful habit altogether. For some, it might be that a phone call works best. For others, it’s a face-to-face meeting at one of our service centres. What matters most is that we connect with each other. 

Connection is a part of the recovery journey that’s embedded within With You’s culture. Establishing supportive and meaningful relationships and connecting with others, whether this be with our staff, within a community, or with yourself, is something we understand the value of. This connection allows us to build a support system that not only lends itself to navigating the challenges of recovery, but also provides a sense of belonging and purpose that is so often missing.

”You’ve got to put the hard work in, but they supply all the support and encouragement. And the realisation that there is life beyond your addiction.” 

Recovery looks different for everyone. At With You, we know that collaborative support and wraparound care are key to helping individuals lead a life free from dependency. That’s why we work alongside other services and partnerships to better the support we can offer and allow people to lead a future free from harm caused by poor mental health and drug and alcohol use.

“Anyone who watches this, you can have a life.” 

Through more content like this, we hope to continue to dismantle the shame associated with drug and alcohol dependency or mental health challenges and remove the barriers that prevent people from reaching out for help. We firmly believe that people are not defined by their circumstances, but by their resilience and strength instead.

With You and Roll Nine are honoured to have been shortlisted for the Public Sector Content Campaign of the Year Award for our video about Wigan and Leigh Drug & Alcohol Service. We’re really excited to be attending the upcoming awards ceremony to share our work with other like-minded organisations. Until then, we remain steadfast in our mission to empower individuals, break down barriers, and transform lives by amplifying the voices that matter. 

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