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re:act: Supporting and Celebrating Diversity in the workplace is Key to Performance Success

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Published Date 04.07.2023

Since its birth just four years ago, digital marketing agency re:act has been committed to recruiting and empowering the best diverse brains in the business. We believe this is our true superpower, and is something we consider ourselves industry leaders in. 

At the heart of our agency of 35 full-time employees is a desire to celebrate all types of thinkers, and create a truly inclusive environment where everyone can bring their authentic selves to work.  Our Cultural Ambassadors (‘re:formers’) keep our agency purpose and visions at the fore, ensuring our differences are what we celebrate the most.  

As a result of our laser-focussed energy on creating the most neurologically and ethnically diverse digital marketing agency out there, we believe our creativity is up there with the best of them – and our Globally renowned Clients agree with us.  We have an ever-growing Client base including Church and Dwight (Batiste, Toppik, Viviscal, Trojan and Magnum Condoms), PZ Cussons (Childs Farm, Charles Worthington, Fudge Professional and Fudge Urban) and Pierre Fabre (Avene and Klorane).

Our team no longer see their disabilities as a blocker, but more of a superpower…and we’re super proud to say that over a third of our work force (33%) have a superpower!  We have a 76% employee retention rate since starting out, and YOY growth of over 300%.

Our Co-Founder Pamela Uddin is dyslexic and has a speech impediment, both of which she proudly refers to as her superpowers.  When she created the agency with her husband, Tom Stone, she wanted to not only recognise, but celebrate the unique strengths and contributions of those living with ADHD, Autism, Dyslexia, and other neurological conditions. 

Seeing it as a huge advantage within the creative industry, building a neurodivergent team is our path to creative campaign success.

We also proudly have 41% of our workplace from an ethnic minority as of April 2023, with a view to doubling our headcount over the next year (no, really!).

Putting diversity as the fore has ensured our team feel empowered to be themselves, and inspired about the future of the agency.  A recent employee survey showed 78% (+17% versus average of competitor agencies) feel proud to work for the agency, 80% (+13% versus average) feel encouraged to voice opinions and ideas, and 91% of the agency feel positively about our culture with regards to DE&I (+14% versus average).

Open and honest storytelling has enabled us to adapt our workplace and working habits to better support and understand employees with neurological conditions.  This ranges from private workspaces to remove an individual from noise levels or high stress environments, providing noise cancellation headphones to assist with focus on tasks, including specialist tools to assist with grammar and punctuation, and 1-on-1 mentoring to assist with task prioritisation.

Andrea Liew is a Digital Performance Manager at re:act, and a finalist in the UK Content Awards ‘Rising Agency Star’ category.  Andrea has successfully managed multi-million pounds worth of paid media buying at the agency. She has bought across Instagram, TikTok, Google and Podcasts across multiple health and beauty brands, including Batiste, Fudge Pro, Avene and Childs Farm.

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