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Castle finalist for Content Strategy of the Year

Author image Published by Sue Johns-Chapman
Published Date 21.06.2022

Castle International – Establishing Castle as a leading crypto marketing agency 

Castle International are proud to be nominated for the Content Strategy of the Year Award at the UK Content Awards 2022.  Our agency was shortlisted for our internal content marketing strategy we implemented to help turn ourselves into a leading crypto marketing agency in the UK and increase inbound leads. 

About Castle International

Castle is a full service and fully integrated digital marketing agency based in Liverpool city centre built up of a team of in-house experts in all fields. With specialists in PPC, social advertisements, SEO, affiliate marketing, web design and development, branding and design, videography, and content marketing, we have several specialisms. Our aim is to provide clients with a 360 digital marketing service, working as an extension of their team. 

Over the past few years our agency has grown significantly, trebling in size during the 2020 lockdown. Growing from a small marketing team to a large digital agency has been a huge achievement for us and we continue to grow and expand each year, making us one of the fastest-growing agencies in the UK. Last year, we moved out of our small office that we’d quickly outgrown into a large 6700 sq. ft office space on the prestigious Castle Street in the heart of Liverpool City Centre. 

Our office is a great space for our staff to work and collaborate, and in the perfect location for us to welcome clients. At Castle, we’re dedicated to developing a diverse workplace with a wholly inclusive culture and we’re always striving to improve and evolve every aspect of the company.  

This desire to improve and evolve extends into the work we do, clients we work with and content we put out. Being a socially conscious agency is important to us, and we want to ensure we’re always at the forefront of our industry. So, when we decided to develop and implement our content strategy, we made sure these values were reflected in this. 

Why we were nominated 

Environmental issues are of huge concern in recent years, and we are very conscious about our own impact on this. We have conducted in-depth research into the impact of digital marketing on the environment and are taking steps to minimise our own impact. Last year, we wrote an in-depth thought piece about environmental marketing discussing the possibilities and pitfalls of turning your brand green. This piece was incredibly successful, ranking number 2 on Google for the search term ‘environmental marketing’, achieving thousands of views, and over 100 conversions in the past few months. 

We also like to ensure we’re always at the forefront of the marketing space and keeping up with the latest innovations in the world. The crypto space has been fast-growing over the past few years, and it’s become clear that it’s getting evermore popular and moving into the mainstream. We noticed through our research that there was a lack of specialist crypto marketing agencies and as we have some previous knowledge in this area, we decided this would be a good niche to add to our service offering

We added a comprehensive crypto marketing page to our website detailing all the services we provide crypto companies and ran several successful PPC campaigns off the back of this. These campaigns had led to over 2.75K clicks, 84.9K impressions and 67 leads. Because of the quality of the page the ads have ran at a low average CPC of £1.23 and ran with a potential ROAS of 2400:1.

Moving into this fast-moving and ever-changing space did present several challenges, however. The crypto space is well-known for being notoriously energy intensive which has huge environmental ramifications. It was therefore a challenge to juggle staying at the forefront of the industry, establishing ourselves as a crypto marketing agency, with our want to be an environmentally friendly and socially conscious company.  

We were able to successfully identify multiple gaps in the market and managed to bridge two innovative sectors at a time when environmental concerns are growing, and the crypto space is facing growing sustainability concerns. By bringing these issues together, these campaigns helped us to win our biggest client to date, Cudos, who are an environmentally conscious company in the crypto space providing a green and decentralised cloud compute and blockchain alternative. 

Further to this, we have now signed up several more clients in the crypto, DeFi and Fintech space, establishing ourselves as a leading crypto marketing agency in the UK. The implementation of our content strategy, that has led to this award nomination, has increased our average time on the blog page from 2:54 to 7:54, increased overall traffic to the site by 155.57% and organic traffic has increased by 73.10% since September last year when it was first implemented. 

We’re incredibly proud that we have been able to adapt and move into this market so quickly, gaining numerous clients within the space and becoming a trusted partner to many crypto and blockchain companies. 

We are so honoured to have been nominated for The Content Strategy of the Year Award. To be recognised for our work with this award is a huge achievement for us. We’re so incredibly proud of all the hard work the team has done and continues to do that has led to this recognition. As a team we’re delighted to hear we’ve been shortlisted for this award and are looking forward to celebrating the results in July! 

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