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Relatable are Shortlisted for 2 UK Content Awards

Author image Published by Sue Johns-Chapman
Published Date 16.06.2022

Relatable is thrilled to be shortlisted twice for Influencer/Celebrity Campaign of the Year with our two clients, Adobe and Waze!

Relatable’s vision is that people’s passion will transform the advertising industry. After executing hundreds of successful influencer marketing campaigns, we have witnessed this passion within the talented creators, brands and Relatable colleagues do just that. By challenging norms, encouraging diversity, adopting cultural relevance, and pushing creative boundaries, we are making waves in the marketing and advertising world. Relatable’s recent campaigns with Adobe and Waze, both shortlisted for this year’s award, are two excellent examples of such passion.

The shortlisted campaigns

In 2021, Waze (owned by Google) partnered with Relatable to raise brand awareness via Instagram in the United Kingdom. Waze was keen to prove itself as more than simply a navigation app to UK commuters. Rather, they were looking to stand out amongst competitors by focusing on their key value proposition; Waze is a community of real people reporting real-time traffic conditions, helping everyday people beat traffic and to reach their destination more quickly and safely. The content created for Instagram needed to align with Waze’s existing ‘ Waze knows’ campaign, running on other media channels (ie. television, radio, etc.).

The results were outstanding. A post-campaign survey revealed that as a direct result of the campaign, brand awareness increased by 35%, Waze’s likability went up by 106% and likelihood to use Waze went up by 71%. Now that’s what we call a smashing success!

The same year, Adobe challenged Relatable to ideate a community-building campaign that would create consideration and build brand loyalty for Adobe’s software in both new and existing users, specifically in EMEA. The response leveraged a unique level of collaboration to build a new interactive destination that highlighted diversity and housed exceptionally creative content in the form of downloadable assets, visual inspiration and storytelling.

All highly-devoted EMEA social talents delivered wildly creative, diverse and exceptionally high quality content in the form of behind-the-scenes videos, one-on-one interviews, how-to downloadable assets, and more for Adobe to use on their new ‘Creator Collective’ platform, which was the campaign’s ultimate goal.

Influencer marketing campaigns like these are transforming the way in which brands engage with consumers. They are breaking traditional one-way advertising methods and creating two-way communication between the brand and the consumer. It’s thrilling to see people’s passion alter the way in which brands interact with their audiences (and vice versa) and we are excited to be a part of this continuous evolution.

About Relatable

Relatable is a global influencer marketing partner powered by creativity, strategy and technology that can help scale your influencer marketing to create premium content, reach new audiences, and drive sales. We’ve had the honor of building global brand campaigns for big name brands, such as Adobe, Conde Nast, Google and more.

In 2021, Relatable was acquired by Bambuser, a state-of-the-art global SaaS company specialising in interactive Live Video Streaming and Commerce. Bambuser has built the world’s leading video shopping software that brings authenticity, character, and incomparable performance to the most prestigious companies globally, including Farfetch, Clarins, and brands from the LVMH group, etc. 




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